Lynn Simpson, Owner

Born to Beautify… A 5 year-old girl takes the stage ready for her dance recital, but first a quick glance in the mirror to ensure ballerina perfection. Fluffy pink tutu, check. Sparkly leotard, check. Symmetrical bun, check. Beautiful makeup, check… A familiar scene played out by hundreds of thousands of little girls all over the world. However, this scene is different. The little girl had beautifully applied her own make-up! “How could it be?” her mom exclaimed. At this moment Lynn’s destiny became clear… she was born to beautify.

Thus began the journey for Lynn Simpson, professional makeup artist and creator of Delilah Beauty. Lynn’s passion for makeup has been a life long affair, always working to perfect her “naturally” flawless signature look. It took years of working for makeup powerhouses Chanel and MAC Cosmetics, in addition to studying at MUD in Burbank to hone her craft. Eventually her dream opportunity came knocking. She was asked to go on tour with Ashlee Simpson as her makeup artist. It didn’t take long for Lynn’s talent to be recognized and she started working with other Tinsletown starlets Jessica Simpson, the Kardashians and Yoanna House winner of America’s Next Top Model, cycle 2. She has also worked on the set of E!,VH1, OWN, MTV, Chicago the musical, and been featured in magazines all around California.

She continues to take the make-up world by storm with one beautiful face at a time. For Lynn this is easy, as she believes “everyone is beautiful and they deserve to look that way”. Her philosophy has always been to make clients look stunning, but not overdone. It was this desire that lead Lynn to the creation of her signature product- Shimmer Chic by Delilah Beauty. A product born out of necessity, Lynn could never find the right body bronzer when working on a client. She would end up creating her own by mixing several different products to get just the right look. Clients began to demand this mysterious body bronzer, but alas it did not exist… until now. The first of its kind, Shimmer Chic is a body bronzer that has a flawless gleam while remaining a smooth and weightless lotion. With the release of Shimmer Chic, Delilah Beauty’s Luxe Lips are also available. With playful names such as Pinkini and Posh these lip-glosses are as fun as they are glamorous. A southern California beach girl at heart, Lynn believes that glowing skin and lips are a quick way to a gorgeous look anytime.

So, what’s up next for Lynn Simpson and Delilah Beauty?

An entire product line that will make every woman look head to toe “naturally” flawless. As Lynn says “when you look amazing on the outside, then you feel amazing on the inside. This is what I love to do for my clients and customers”.